Unlike any other bean bag seat, the Zero Gravity Zen Bag is designed to cradle the body in a relaxed and comfortable position with your legs elevated above the heart and the back reclined at a 130 degree angle. Compared to the traditional bean bag or meditation cushion, the Zero Gravity Zen Bag is a much more effective and comfortable way to escape, relax and transcend into zen comfort.  

Reduced Spinal Compression
Sitting with the spinal column at a 90-degree angle forces the vertebrae to compress, causing discomfort. Reclining back at a 130-degree angle helps the vertebrae to remain open, and pain free.  This is especially beneficial after sitting at a desk all day!

Crossed Legs Without Restricted Blood Flow And Swelling
Sitting on the floor with legs crossed can cause blood vessels to constrict and for nerves and knee joints to stretch and tighten beyond a natural and comfortable position.  This can rapidly lead to poor blood flow and knee joint soreness.

Legs Elevated Above The Heart
The first thing you feel when reclining back with legs elevated above the heart is comfort. Blood flow is immediately improved as your heart no longer has to overcome gravity to force blood through constricted veins. Whether meditating or just giving your legs a rest after being on your feet all day, elevating your legs above your heart is an effective way to reduce pressure on your veins and promote more efficient circulation.

Increased Lung Capacity
Because your diaphragm is in the zero-gravity position, you experience increased lung capacity and improved respiration, making deep, controlled breathing easier and more effective.

Decreased Muscle Tension

Sitting in a 90-degree angle, whether in the lotus position, or at work, puts stress on the muscles to maintain and support the upright position.  This causes muscle fatigue. Reclining at a 130-degree angle allows those muscles to relax and rejuvenate.

Angled Sky Ward, Facing The Heavens
Because you are reclined back, you are angled sky ward, facing the heavens, putting you in a more natural and comfortable way to reach a higher state of meditation.

According to zerogravityzen