We can certainly empathize with Parekh's pain. Once you've packed a camera or two, laptop, tablet, power bricks, cables, paperwork and so on into a backpack, setting off around the busy halls of a consumer tech show can quickly become tiresome and uncomfortable. A massage at the end of a long day of wall-to-wall press conferences would be a welcome treat. But with the Eume backpacks, your masseur can walk the halls with you.



The developers have put four massagers in the back panel of three backpack designs, two at the top and two at the bottom, Straps can be adjusted to ensure that the massagers hit just the right spots. Three massage modes are activated by a button located on the shoulder strap – one for the top, another for the bottom and the third to activate both massaging zones simultaneously.



The Classic Pack is made using ATY Melange nylon and reverse polyester, and comes with 26 liters of internal storage, the back massaging system, USB charging port (though you'll need to slide your own power bank into the compartment), a security pocket for valuables and weatherproofing.

The 27 liter Daily will add a little more storage capacity organized to take a 17-inch laptop and 10-inch tablet, a shoulder strap card holder, reflective material on the outer shell and a rain cover. The 42 liter Travel Pack gains a side handle, digital sleeve, clothes sleeve, toiletries pouch and dedicated shoe compartment.



The Eume team has launched on Kickstarter to fund production, with a pledges starting at US$99 for the Classic, $159 for the Daily and $179 for the Travel Pack. If all goes to plan, shipping to anywhere in the world is estimated to start in December.

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