The Napup Fly is an “in-flight personal sleep system,” says the New York-based company Napup. The sleep system attaches to the back of the headrest and surrounds your head on both sides, with a forehead strap at the front. The result is an ergonomic way to sleep while sitting upright on a plane, the company says.



Head flops aren’t the only way the odd gadget tries to create a sleep environment on a crowded airplane. The front of the Napup Fly also has a sleep mask to block out light. The sides of the more advanced Napup+ have a sound system built in with a 0.35mm headphone jack, replacing the noise of the airplane with your music.



Napup launched four years ago with an idea for a car seat strap designed to keep kids’ heads from bobbing around after falling asleep in the car. The Napup Fly is the company’s first Kickstarter.



If the project is successful and hits $30,000 by November 30, early backers could get the Napup Fly for about $35 and the Napup Fly+ with headphones for $49. The company expects delivery around April 2019.

According to digitaltrends