Xiaomi XiaoAi smart toilet is its support for Xiao Ai which is a voice support system of Xiaomi. With this feature, it can be interconnected with a couple of smart home devices as well as the Mi Band. From the Mi band, you can adjust certain features of the toilet like washing time, water temperature, water flow intensity, etc.



In terms of design, the ergonomic 3D curved seat design is used to make the sitting posture more comfortable. It will also beep when it is seated for 30 minutes. In addition, the seat ring has 3 speeds that can be adjusted to prevent low temperature burning. The operator panel has a simple interface and has Braille prompts.



In terms of flushing, the ceramic heater with imported dual heating module is used to instantly heat the cold water to a comfortable temperature, adjust the position of the 11-step nozzle, and cooperate with the reciprocating cleaning mode to expand the clear range and clean more thoroughly.



A polyethylene ultrafiltration membrane filter and nano silver ion delivers an effective sterilization rate of 99.9% (total E. coli). This  to solve the problem of contact infection. There is also deodorant fan which released a pleasant smell as you seat on the toilet.

According to GizmoChina