Slide to Safety Rapid Evacuation Slides™ were created for the specific purpose of allowing building occupants to quickly evacuate from the second through fourth floors when an active shooting situation occurs.  The slide can also be used for evacuation in fires or other disaster scenarios where traditional egress is blocked.  The slide inflates in under 6 seconds and can clear a room of 30 occupants in about a minute.  With a 20 year shelf life, the slide is cost effective and WILL save lives.



Sadly, recent history supports the need for an evacuation system in schools and other public buildings. Analysis also shows that these tragedies don't just occur on the first floor of buildings where windows and doors may be used for escape.



Blair White had the forethought to realize the need for an alternate route of egress in these tragic situations.  After the Sandy Hook Shooting, White was inspired to find a way to get occupants out of a building instead of leaving them huddled in a corner without exit; just praying the bullets didn't hit them. White states, "My heart was broken to hear of the senseless loss of so many lives in Newtown.  It was time for someone to man up and find a solution.  I am grateful to have had the vision, resources and team to create the Slide to Safety Rapid Evacuation System."

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