Made out of UV-resistant roto-molded polyethylene, the waterproof capsule has a ball bearing-equipped hinged "lid" that is simply pulled forward over the bike inside, then locked via an integrated key lock. To keep the whole capsule from being stolen, it can be bolted down from the inside, to surfaces such as concrete pads or wooden decks.



It can reportedly accommodate almost any type of bicycle, along with some gear. Bikes with handlebars a bit wider than 558 mm (23 inches) will need to have their front wheel turned at an angle in order to fit in, while ones with particularly wide bars will need to have their front wheel removed so that the bars/fork can be turned completely sideways.



The unit weighs about 130 lb (59 kg), and measures 79 inches long (2,017 mm) by 53 inches high (1,334 mm) by 32 inches wide (813 mm).

If you're interested in getting one, it can be preordered now for US$899, plus $200 shipping within the US. Delivery is estimated for September.



According to newatlas