In 2015 we launched our first product on Kickstarter, a stripped back navigation device for bicycles. People loved it and we went on to be one of the big success stories of Kickstarter. But we quickly realised it wasn’t only cyclists who needed a better solution for navigation. After nearly three years of developing and refining our technology, we’re incredibly excited to be back on Kickstarter, this time to improve motorcycle navigation. Beeline Moto.



Motorcycling is the ultimate expression of freedom and adventure. Feeling the rush of the wind and the road beneath you is an exhilarating experience for all who get the chance to ride. However, navigating your way through the mountains or a busy city on a motorbike is not so fun.

Phones work well for walking, not so much for riding. Stopping to check your phone is a frustrating reality, while vulnerability and battery life means they're just not built to be mounted on handlebars.



Satnavs are over complicated. Map downloads, PC connections to set up routes, detailed screens and complex instructions that take your focus off the road. Not to mention eye watering prices and dated product design. Paper maps are a lovely nod to the past…but it’s 2018.

Beeline Moto is the antidote to navigation frustration. Everything about it has been built with elegant simplicity in mind. From the clean navigation interface and fast setup with your smartphone, through to the super long battery life and the award winning rugged design, we’ve put your needs first throughout.



Beeline Moto’s interface guides you in the clearest manner possible with one big arrow pointing in the direction you need to be heading right now. Simple! No complex instructions, no detailed maps. It’s stripped back to the essential information you need in the moment, leaving you to focus on what’s important – the road or trail ahead of you.

The Beeline app (iOS & Android) makes planning routes a breeze: quick location search; save favourite places; drag and drop pins to create your perfect route; save routes and share with friends. No PC connection required!

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