The company had promised in its teaser that the model would be 6x lighter and twice and stable as other action cameras – and with a weight of just 18.3g (0.65oz), it certainly lives up to the first promise at the very least.

Thanks to a range of accessories compatible with the model, the GO is designed to be fitted to a wealth of different products, surfaces and types of clothing for hands-free shooting, although you can also wear it around your neck with the included Magnet Pendant.

Helping to keep everything smooth is the company's 6-axis FlowState stabilization, while the spec sheet mirrors those other action camera rivals by offering things like time-lapse and hyperlapse functionality, the latter of which allows for up to 30 minutes of footage to be played back at six times the speed. Need something a little more unique? There's also a Barrel Roll feature that twists footage "like a turntable."

The body is resistant to water, though not quite to the same degree as some action camera contemporaries. The IPX4 rating means it can withstand rain and splashes, and you can dunk it into water too, but only for a maximum 10 seconds.

When it comes to offloading and editing your footage, you just plug into the Charge Case and slip into your smartphone, with both iOS and Android devices supported. A range of editing tools are then available to the user, although those wanting to take a break from the day's shooting can simply let the AI-powered FlashCut feature automatically find their best captures and combine them into a single edit. 

In terms of its hardware, the model is equipped with a wide-angle lens with an f/2.1 aperture, and uses what appears to be a 9.2MP (3040 x 3040) sensor to capture videos and stills. Also on board is 8GB of built-in storage as well as Bluetooth 4.0.

Videos are captured at a range of resolutions and frame rates in camera (depending on the shooting mode), although most are output at a maximum 1080p. Images, meanwhile, can be output at a maximum 2560 x 2560. 

The camera is bundled with the Charge Case and Magnet Pendant as standard, in addition to a Pivot Stand, Easy Clip and Sticky Base – and it's all yours for $199.99 / £209 / AU$329.99.

According to techradar