GoRelax is the Ultimate Stress Buster Tool that harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation to help increase blood circulation and reduce muscle tension. Use it daily for only 15 minutes to completely unwind and reach a deep state of relaxation.

GoRelax helps relax the nervous system by replicating the feeling of getting a massage. A massage everyday can become your reality with GoRelax. 

GoRelax works on the principle of Acupressure. Acupressure is one of the oldest natural therapies used for relief against stress, back pain, neck pain & insomnia. However, society at large hasn’t had access to it until now. With GoRelax, we are working to put Acupressure in a form that is accessible to everyone.  

You can simply unzip it and use it anywhere you want. This makes the mat versatile and easy to carry. Use any section you want as per your need.     

You can easily fold GoRelax to 1/3rd of its size which makes it easy to carry on the go. It also occupies less space and is very convenient to store.

Crafted with 100% Eco-friendly material that is good for you and the environment. The outer fabric is made of 100% cotton fabric filled with natural coconut fiber.  


GoRelax is labelled with foot and hand reflexology charts. It showcases how different organs are being stimulated by applying pressure on different parts of the body.


It is designed scientifically and contours perfectly to your body. GoRelax is unique specially because of the curvature around the neck. You don't have to buy a separate pillow for your neck pain. 

All branches of medical science agree that human body possesses immense natural strength to cure itself from any health problem. By utilizing our body’s natural energy system, GoRelax stimulates pressure points within our body which increases blood circulation and helps reduce muscle tension and aids in the body’s natural healing process.


When you lay on GoRelax, the muscle tension on your back yields to the pressure generated by the lotus simulators. It enables muscle fibers to elongate and relax, blood to flow freely, and endorphins (natural pain relieving hormones) to be released.    

With high endorphin levels, we feel less pain and fewer negative effects of stress. 

There are several studies and clinical trials conducted that prove that 2 weeks of daily use of Acupressure Mats for 15-20 minutes helps relieve pain and reduce stress.  

 GoRelax is for everyone – office workers, new moms, sports people, insomnia sufferers, weight watchers, healthy living advocates. Just take out 15 minutes from your daily routine and make GoRelax your wellness habit.  

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