Peter Trautwein of German Water Foundation run CloudFisher project to develop technologies spider webs that naturally collects dew drops directly from fog. Installation system aims to supply clean drinking water to the area of Morocco is experiencing drought.

CloudFisher technology is built on structure of small triangles, sandwiched between a strong grid is made of plastic and rubber. Wind naturally direct fog into a net suspended vertically in the mountains. The nets catch water droplets and fall to bottom of the trough where water is collected.



Technology harvesting water from the air inspired from nature, but the design using metal and rubber material to reduce the impact of wind power and reduce the possibility of damage. Water collection even follow the movement of the wind to increase the efficiency of the system.

All components are boxes, steel cables, anchors, screws, expanders and foot concrete has been calculated can withstand wind speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour. Trautwein has long studied the science of harvesting water from atmosphere and carry out projects CloudFisher in Morocco with help of various NGOs.



The project has been tested for two years at Mount Boutmezguida is one of the driest regions in Morocco. During the two-year period nets of different structures tested for melt water with monofilament proven to be most effective.

Depending on the region and time, CloudFisher harvest 4 liters to 14 liters of water per square meter nets or more than 600 liters per system every day. A proven system has helped to provide water for people of the area Boutmezguida in Morocco, thus providing more time for women and children to do other activities instead looking for water.



In November, the project also won the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). After the test period, the CloudFisher net system prepared for the upgrade to the latest version this year. Water is obtained with low costs and can also be used by farmers for reforestation projects or industry.

According to tinuku