Being one of the most outstanding districts in Mekong Delta, Lai Vung is famous for Lai Vung tangerine, fermented pork rolls and other specialties. Not only that, reminding of Lai Vung we also cannot mention to this land where small boats or junks are made and repaired, which is called Ba Dai boatyard.

Existing more than 100 years but making junks , boats at Ba Dai village (Long Hung 2 hamlet, Long Hau commune, Lai Vung district, Dong Thap province) is slowly becoming disappear. Ba Dai boatyard village – as most of the traditional handicraft villages in our country often derive from the needs of the locals and then continue to be handed down from generation to generation.

Remind of the story of Southern land, we cannot mention to the Western Vietnam, where the main transport is boats or canoes. We still see every life on every boat. Western people live together with the water season, turn disaster into a good friend. With the interlaced river system , culture and life style associated with the civilization of riverside, images of floating markets with boats floating on the river carrying a special characteristics of the South. Because of that, the handicraft of Da Bai Boat was built and developed very early. The boat was not only a means of transportation but also attached to our people in the resistance war against the enemy. Many local people have considered the boats as their second home, they can live several weeks, or even months in the river.

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