The road to Thach Xa village by side of the rice fields relaxes the soul of the visitors. From the entrance of the village, tourists can smell the soaked bamboo.

To make a bamboo dragonfly, it takes a lot of time and effort from cutting bamboo trees in the forest to soak it in the pond, then split the bar, broaching, drilling, painting, drawing and drying.

Not only that, the people must be passionate, carefully measure and carefully calculate to make a beautiful product.

In addition to the fine-tuning of the individual parts, the remaining steps are done manually. In particular, the most difficult task is the weighing, measuring and adjusting the length between the body and wings.

Visiting the bamboo dragonfly family, you will be overwhelmed by the eye-catching colors, along with the various small designs of the cute bamboo dragonfly. Each household has a different pattern of dragonfly design that makes anyone unable to take his eyes off.

The dragonfly is able to balance on the fingertip. Although the dragonfly has a long wingspan, just put it on the tip of a finger, or table corner, etc. the dragonfly would not fall, like a real one. This is also a unique feature of the bamboo dragonfly of Thach Xa.

Surprisingly, with the skillful hands and creativity of the dragonfly artisans, nowadays, they have made diverse bamboo items such as peacocks, pigeons, butterflies, turtles. All are good nice gifts suitable for relatives and friends of all ages. From children to old people, no one can deny the appeal of this beautiful toy.

From rudimentary toys for young children, nowadays, bamboo dragonfly making has become a favorite handicraft. Visiting Thach Xa village, visitors seem to be back to childhood to feel peace and quietness through the dragonfly color.

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