Some 50km from the center of Hồ Chí Minh city, Giang Điền waterfall ecological tourism resort at Giang Điền commune, Trảng Bom district, Đồng Nai province has wild and plain beauty which contains strange attractiveness.

Giang Điền waterfall is a particularly interesting natural landscape which has been expanded and built into an ecological resort. Starting from Long Khánh, bendy small streams join Buông river and pour into Đồng Nai river, Giang Điền is formed by three waterfalls of Chàng, Nàng and the major waterfall of Giang Điền. Giang Điền originated from an interesting legend. Village patriarchs told that Mạ ethnic minority people lived in this place many years ago. At that time, here was a couple who loved each other very much but they could not come to the marriage and committed suicide. This stream turned into two waterfalls namely Chàng and Nàng or called Đôi.

Looking from outside, Giang Điền tourism resort is not well-off but wild.  Another waterfall which is as grandiose as Cam Ly waterfall in Đà Lạt, stretching on a large area. Rough stones are located among white water foams, creating a wonderful beauty spot. Along the waterfall bank is small and big rocks heaped up together like a foundation for banana to flower in spring. The suspension bridge named Mimosa floats in the middle of natural lawns and flower gardens, bringing visitors from the major waterfall to the Đôi waterfall area with fresh water.

This place will be colorized with flowers of different colors. The pathway looks like a silk band which runs along the stream bank and takes tourists to a farm called Kỳ Cục. Here, you will see small gardens close together surrounded by trees and ponds. Inside is the world of creatures such as salamander, toads, lizards and snakes.

The most impressive thing is the cape of mountainous scorpions which inky black and seems to threaten visitors. The resort has also a 2ha lake containing different kinds of fish.


There is a forest here with shade, ranges of hammocks and tents for visitors to take a rest after the excursion. In addition to Kỳ Cục farm and orchid garden, tourists are attracted by an architectural style which has old features of Rome and national identities. Roads in the resort are paved with stone coarse rocks and sheds traditional styles and flower trellises, restaurants, bars and tennis courses.

You should come to Giang Điền waterfall one time to enjoy invaluable information that nature endows it.

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