So here is the list of the most famous National Parks of Indochina for you to go and enjoy with your nearest and dearest people. Indochina Book of Records (IndochinaKings)  introduce Top 20 Most Famous National Parks of Indochina. Continue the previous part, Board of editors keeps going to show for presenting on this website the Part 2 of Top 20 Most Famous National Parks of Indochina – Kep National Park, Cambodia

Kep National Park located in the Kep region of Cambodia, established in 1993, it covers an area of 50 km². The park includes a small mountain range with tracks and trails which are popular with tourists. The trails boast incredible views of Phu Quoc and the Bokor Ranges on the south and west sides, and views across islands of the vast Vietnamese marine reserve in Kien Giang to the east side.

There’s no shortage of beautiful views.
There’s no shortage of beautiful views.

Covering 50 square kilometers in the center of Kep Province. Kep National Park is classified as low land tropical forest and consists of three main Phnoms (Khmer for mountains)—Krasaing, KepToch, and Kep Thom.  Offering beautiful views of the nearby sea and surrounding countryside, the park is a great place to go for a hike and enjoy this natural and currently undeveloped oasis.

An 8km route circles the park and is a moderate hike along the main path.  Those looking for a more challenging workout can take the transverse path or check out the various trails to sites such as Nun’s Pass, Stone Horse, and Little Buddha.  For one of the best sunset viewpoints in town, make the 182 meter climb to Sunset Rock and watch the setting sun as it lights up the sky before disappearing beneath the horizon.  

The 8km mountain trail through the National Park is definitely recommendable but don’t expect to come across much wildlife as most of the animals do not want to be seen by humans. There are benches along the trail and at the viewpoints to relax for a while and enjoy the sounds and smell of nature. There are many banana, durian and cashew plantations to be found in the national park along with other fruits such as jackfruit, papaya, mango, lime, and dragon fruit, …

The trail has been very well prepared so it wasn’t too scary (if a little sweaty). It was well worth the effort, though, as we got to enjoy the early morning tranquility and see some of the local wildlife — namely squirrels and birds, but there are monkeys in the park too.

Sunset Rock offers great views over the town and coastline — it was the highlight for us — it’s a 15 minute walk from the Nun’s Path/Stairway to Heaven entrance point if you fancy watching the sun go down from there.

In addition, there are more regularly sports activities  inside the National Park and around Kep like: Obstacle races, thriatlon, abseiling, … for old & young.


Just follow the yellow-signed road

Maps and yellow-black signs showing you the right directions, altitudes and other useful info have been put up in and around the park. Since September 2010 there is a 4000 riel entrance fee for the National Park.

The trail is well marked, with reassuring yellow signs pointing the way. Shortly after Led Zep you can choose to follow the main trail in a nice circuit, or you can take the interior trails. Several new trails are now open for nature walks..

There’s an old temple there that’s worth a look and a new pagoda further down the road.

Kep National Park is beautiful and making sure that you will have the great experience with the walk hugely enjoyable and challenging in a pleasant way, and the scenery and views are breathtaking.

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