1. About quantity: achieve the most number in types, species and display forms.
  2. Collections bring cultural and historical values; they have true values of organizations and communities; or they are anecdotes about histories, lives and living activities.
  3. Collections have great material value.
  4. Collections are relics, artifacts of ancient civilizations; and they must be recognized by state or social organizations.
  5. Collections are symbols of beauty for culture which help develop human through social trends.
  6. Collections demonstrate originality, production technology, processing, etc …which depends on many factors such as production’s time, materials, etc…
  7. Collections must be affirmed original and unique values till time of nomination.
  8. Collections must be preserved or materials of collections must assure long-term retention.
  9. Collections must have certificates or documents that prove them to be property of individuals or organizations.
  10. Collections’ owners must be responsible for legality of nominations, commit the quality of collections by verification of Advisory Board.
  11. The establishment of Indochina Book of Records is completely objective and conducts independently; we are not under any control of a third party. Advisory Board of Indochina Book of Records includes well-known experts and professors; therefore, we commit to certificate true values that contribute to benefits of community.
  12. Collections that are certificated by Indochina Book of Records will be announced widely to Indochina nations and to the world.