With only 10 elephants that means each elephant has more space than any other elephant sanctuary to roam freely in their natural habitat. With the support of the Pnong villagers, the project rescues and treats domestic elephants who have suffered illness or injury.

Not like other numerous “elephant tours” around Asia where you can ride the elephants or see them in an entertaining show, the Elephant Valley Project in Mondulkiri, provides a different and socially responsible approach to this amazing creature.

The Elephant Valley Project was established in 2007 as an elephant sanctuary developed to create a home for injured and overworked elephants. The main goal of the EVP is to give the elephants back their independence, natural behavior and dignity. Besides that, EVP offers options for local families to bring their elephants to the sanctuary for rest and recuperation.

In exchange, their owners can receive monthly compensation, preferential working conditions and world-class elephant care. Here visitors can spend time observing the elephants in their natural habitat, assist the staff with their daily tasks, or take part in volunteering activities. Enjoy your peaceful and relaxing time with the elephants and bring home sweet memories!

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