Dartmouth Dam is a large rock-fill embankment dam with an uncontrolled chute spillway across the Mitta Mitta, Gibbo, and Dart rivers, the Morass Creek and a number of small tributaries. The dam is located near Mount Bogong in the north-east of the Australian state of Victoria. It is currently the tallest embankment dam in Australia with the height of 180 m.

The dam's purpose includes irrigation, the generation of hydro-electric power, water supply and conservation. The impounded reservoir is called Dartmouth Reservoir, sometimes called Lake Dartmouth. 

The Dartmouth Power Station, a hydro-electric power station that generates power to the national grid, is located near the dam wall. It was opened in 1979.

A smaller pond, called the Dartmouth Dam Regulating Pond or Banimboola Pondage, approximately 9 kilometres (6 mi) downstream of the main dam, also across the Mitta Mitta River, is located adjacent the Banimboola Hydroelectric Power Station and forms part of the Dartmouth Dam complex of facilities.

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