With the recent Covid-19 pandemic and people all across the world spending more time online to stay connected, online scamsters have stepped up their game and their scams have been getting smarter and smarter.

Some of the most common tricks have been loan scams, lottery scams, job scams, e-commerce scams, romantic scams and account hacking in order to exploit users’ information.

Throughout the video series, the audience can learn about the most important safety steps to avoid being scammed, be it in the digital or physical world. The campaign calls on people to remember three simple steps: “Identify, Check, Report” to remain vigilant in identifying, verifying and reporting financial fraudsters.

The campaign has listed a series of steps to deal with online scams. When dealing with unknown contacts, always be vigilant and cautious to consider the risk that the person may be a scamster.

When you suspect a content or contact to be a scam, do check with the authorities through official channels.

If a content or phone call appears strange and if you think you were the victim of a crime, you can reach out to local authorities and the police department. Also make sure to report any suspicious activities, person or account to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

“At Meta, we are well aware that there are dangerous people using the Internet and we are doing our best to protect the users of our platforms, especially Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. That is why we launched a content series for two months, informing about different types of onlines scams, together with guidelines on how to protect yourself, all in Khmer language,” said Pheakdey Heng, Facebook Public Policy Manager for Cambodia.

According to khmertimeskh.com