Having the advantage of a large lotus growing area and an abundant culinary culture, the People’s Committee of Dong Thap province organized the processing and presentation of 200 lotus-based dishes as an event to promote the local specialties and introduce to domestic and foreign friends the culinary quintessence of Vietnam in general and Dong Thap province in particular.

The event gathered 10 culinary experts and 50 chefs to process and present 200 dishes made from lotus. Different parts of the lotus plant are used to made these 200 dishes, including: lotus root, lotus flower stem, lotus leaf, lotus seed heart, etc,. After completion, 200 dishes will be displayed in the shape of a 10-petal lotus bloom.

These are some pictures from the event:

The 1st Dong Thap Lotus Festival in 2022 

Ten culinary experts are attended  the event

50 chefs work together to prepare and deliver 200 delicacies

Ingredients from the lotus plant were used to make in the preparation

Dishes are decorated and arranged in the shape of a 10-petal lotus

The final 10-petal lotus model (5.2m wide; alternate height of 5 petals 80cm * 5 petals 65cm and pistil diameter is 2m

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