The gorge controls approximately one million square kilometres of drainage area and averages a runoff of 451 billion cubic metres annually. China Three Gorges Corporation (CTGPC) acts as the legal entity for TGP and is responsible for the construction, operation and financing of the project.

It is one of the world’s biggest hydropower complex projects, located in the Xilingxia Gorge, one of the three gorges of the Yangtze River, in Hubei province, China.

Construction on the Three Gorges Dam was completed in 2008. The dam stands 185m high and 2,309m wide, making it one of the world’s largest hydro plants, well ahead of Brazil’s 12,600MW Itaipu installation.

A total of 32 main power generators operate off the dam, of which 12 sets on the right bank and 14 sets on the left were installed in 2006 and 2008 respectively. They were operational in October 2008 and generated a total of 18,300MW.

Another six underground generators were added to the project in 2002. The first three became operational in June 2011, then came the rest of the power generators.

In 2012, all 32 hydro units were commissioned to generate the total of 22,500MW output. 

According to power-technology