Ock Pop Tok, meaning “East meets West” in Lao, was established in Luang Prabang in 2000. It is a collaboration between British entrepreneur Joanna Smith and Lao master weaver Veomanee Douangdala. The brand represents the fusion of Laos’s traditional handicrafts with modern design and fair trade principles influenced by the West.

Part of the village’s charming scenery

Vibrant Craft Center

Ock Pop Tok’s Vibrant Craft Center is located in Luang Prabang, comprising a dye garden and workshop, weaving rooms, an exhibition space, and teaching areas. Visitors can participate in classes on frame loom weaving, natural dyeing, and H’mong batik techniques.

A core group of artisans work at the center to weave wall hangings, home decor, scarves, and traditional Lao attire called ‘sinh’ for the Ock Pop Tok brand.

Besides watching silk weaving artisans, visitors can also try their hand at the guidance of the ‘students’ at the Center.

Villa Mekong

Travelers visiting the village can stay at the Villa Mekong area. Situated adjacent to the Vibrant Craft Center, Villa Mekong offers an opportunity to engage with Lao culture and art while providing a tranquil and relaxing environment. Enjoy entertainment activities in the garden overlooking the Mekong River or try your hand at one of the weaving or natural dyeing classes.

Villa Mekong, besides comfort and convenience, also brings a description of the scenery and people here.

Cafe Silk Road

Visitors can also indulge in “East meets West” cuisine with a spectacular view of the Mekong River at the village’s Vibrant Craft Center. Ock Pop Tok offers seasonal menus featuring locally sourced ingredients, some traditional Lao home-cooked recipes, as well as Western-inspired dishes, drawing inspiration from the Silk Road cuisine.

The scenery and flavors blend East and West but still highlight the beauty of each region

Artisans and Techniques

Artisans use a variety of materials including silk, cotton, and bamboo fibers locally sourced and dyed with indigenous plants. Artisans specialize in complex supplementary weft and intricate chok (non-continuous supplementary weft) techniques. Ock Pop Tok’s award-winning designs are based on intricate Lao motifs such as the Naga Queen and King Naga, both carrying significant spiritual and cultural meanings for the Tai Daeng people.

Ock Pop Tok store sells completely handmade products by village artisans

Village Weavers and Fabric2Fibre Projects

In 2006, Ock Pop Tok expanded its scope to include rural artisans through the Village Weavers Project. Over 400 women from ethnic communities and minority villages in 11 provinces of Laos have received training in skills development and product enhancement through this program.

Ock Pop Tok also established Fabric2Fibre, a registered charity with the Government, to collect, preserve, and document Laos’s textile heritage.

Ock Pop Tok’s Mission

Ock Pop Tok’s mission is to elevate Laos’s textile industry on the international stage while creating economic opportunities for the country’s artisans. Ock Pop Tok is not only one of the most successful brands in the region but also represents one of the most comprehensive efforts in researching and preserving Laos’s textile industry.

Ock Pop Tok Weaving Village is not just a tourist destination but also a cultural exchange hub, where you can experience, learn, and delve into Laos’s traditional weaving craft. Come and explore Ock Pop Tok, where East meets West, and discover the richness of Laos’s textile culture.