The new iteration is reasonably similar to the original but it now looks less like a clunky white prototype and more like something stylish you would actually want in your bedroom.

As well as sound and scent alarms, the new model adds a mildly redundant flickering light mode to make up the "Trio" of components designed to wake you up in the gentlest possible way. The new stylish encasement for the device adds an accent of wood paneling, and a redesigned LED layout that is a bit nicer to look at than its predecessor.



This alarm clock is all about the smells though, and the updated model offers both a new variety of scents and an improved scent capsule system. Each individual capsule offers 30 wake-up calls, and you can easily change capsules to switch your morning aromas from day to day.

There are currently over 10 scents available to choose from, including, of course, a coffee-centered one called Cappuccino, Orange Juice – for the smell of freshly squeezed oranges – Pine Forest – described as an "ode to nature – and Chocolate Factory – a blend of sugar, chocolate, vanilla and milk.



The alarm works by first activating the selected scent. Then, one minute later, a pattern of lights are triggered on its face, before finally, after another minute, a gentle melody commences just in case the wafting smell hasn't already woken you up. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like you can customize the audio that wakes you up, so you can choose from one of five preset melodies that are all one step beyond your generic MIDI phone alarm.





The SensorWake Trio is currently running a Kickstarter campaign and it smashed its initial goal within hours of launching. For US$79 you can pick up one device with two capsules, or for $99 get a device with 12 capsules. Extra capsules can be purchased in packs of two for $5 on top of any order. The company suggests it will commence shipping by November and that doesn't seem unreasonable considering it has successfully navigated a campaign like this in the past and the product is ready to immediately move into its manufacturing stage.

According to newatlas