With two weeks left in its Indiegogo campaign, the Megaverse has already surpassed its funding goal of $20,000 thanks to the support of some 300 backers. Apparently, a phone case that features swappable backplates that come in four colors (gold, rose gold, space gray, and black), and the option to turn your phone into a wallet, shatter-proof mirror, or bottle opener, is just too much to resist.



Basically, anything your phone can’t do, your phone case will be able to do for you.

Even if you don’t have an iPhone, the Megaverse promises that you can use the Space, or the nanosuction plates, with just about any other phone case. This sticky back case lets you push your phone onto any smooth, flat surface, and “millions of little craters create suction, holding your phone in place,” the Megaverse team says.



The nanosuction plate also self-heals and is temperature resistant, so no matter what you decide to stick it on, it can probably handle itself.



Ultimately, the Megaverse makers note in their Indiegogo campaign, “We’re tinkerers at heart and our days are a stream of ideas we can’t shake. We see the world as an endless opportunity to make things a little better.” Sure, a multi-purpose cell phone case probably won’t bring about world peace, but still, the team takes heart in the notion that “you can take something people use every day and make it just a little bit better.”

According to digitaltrends