VinWonders’ water park is one of the most enticing places to play on the whole island, with every kind of slide you can imagine, as well as a wave pool, lazy pool and many other water-themed activities. One of the newest features at VinWonders’ water park is a 4,200 square-metre Splash Bay – the largest floating bay in the world. Set on a lovely beach, this floating attraction is a fun place to hang out with friends, swim, sunbathe and relax.

A wide range of sea adventure games are available on the Floating Buoy Bay such as cliff climbing, giant ball, balancing bridge, action tower, hollow, roller, beam swinging, slide, swing etc. which always attract those who love strong feelings.

With a total area of ​​over 4,200m2, exceeding the record of 3,000m2 in Dubai, Vinpearl Land Nha Trang Splashing Bay can serve up to 750 people at the same time. It is designed and arranged in colorful VINPEARL letters.

Wibit – a reputable German supplier of water sports facilities and Vinpearl Land’s professional lifeguard team will ensure visitors an absolute safe experience when exploring games and attractions at the floating bay.

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