According to a notice issued by the Ministry of Education and Sports, authorities have given the green light to the public to exercise outdoors and at public parks during the lockdown.

The notice advises residents to remain active, and enjoy exercise at home including aerobics, jogging, walking, or cycling, as well as playing sports including badminton or table tennis.

Families are advised to avoid contact sports and should not allow people outside the family to engage in sports with family members.

The public may now exercise at public parks in areas that have been free of Covid-19 outbreaks for more than 14 days, and may engage in activities such as running, walking, badminton, or cycling.

The ministry advises not to visit public parks if feeling unwell or recording a high temperature and to ensure social distancing is maintained at all times.

Handshakes and greetings must be avoided, as well as holding or touching railings or other public infrastructure that may have had contact with many people.

Those undertaking exercise must stay two meters away from others at all times and wear a facemask.

Outdoor stadiums and sporting arenas in areas that have not experienced a Covid-19 outbreak for more than 14 days may allow guests to use their facilities for certain sports, including badminton, tennis, or golf. However, the owner of the facility must first submit a request to its local Covid-19 Taskforce.

Schools and other educational institutions in areas that have not had an infection for more than 14 days may allow students to exercise during break times, however, students must maintain two meters distance at all times.

All sporting or exercise activities must strictly comply with measures for Covid-19 prevention and control issued by authorities at any time.

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