Understanding the levels of suffering and lack of help facing trafficked girls, Somaly began to try and help girls facing the same situation and provide for their needs.

Due to the numbers of trafficked victims in Cambodia, her work inevitably grew and in 1996 AFESIP became the first organisation in Cambodia to offer specialised services in this regard.

Organizational goal To provide and develop, in Cambodia, an appropriate response to the causes and consequences of trafficking for sexual exploitation of women and girls.

Organizational objectives:

– To develop and optimize prevention, assistance, rescue, repatriation, rehabilitation and reintegration of women and girls who have been victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation

– To work with the Cambodian government in order to strengthen and encourage their involvement in fighting trafficking and helping victims

– To implement and materialize the regional network to fight against trafficking of human beings

AFESIP runs 8 programs to tackle the issue:

1) Social outreach teams and peer workers

2) Free medical clinic in Phnom Penh

3) Legal and Investigations team

4) 3 residential centres, one for girls under 18

5) Psychology and counselling care

6) Vocational skills training and education

7) Reintegration support and follow up

8) Advocacy work

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