Although modest in its impact, the project and how it can continue to be supported was recently discussed among local leaders of neighboring villages.

“If these youth hadn’t started their project, we might have lost the whole road. If we help them continue their efforts, we could see a big difference for future floods,” said the leader of Okcheay village, Chhert Say, at the meeting.

One of the young members of the group explains the thinking behind the project. “It gets hot during the summer, and there was no shade for people who walk on the road, so we decided to plant trees.” “Trees also produce flowers and fruit,” adds another youth, “which makes our village more beautiful.”

Local leaders and community members, including other youth in the village, enthusiastically supported the project from the outset, giving advice on selecting the most suitable species and helping to plant the trees.

At their most recent meeting the youth reflected on how they can continue their efforts. “Our hearts are full of happiness,” said one young person, “when we see all the people in the village happy. We see how we can do our part to make a new civilization.”

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