Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls is the world’s ultimate infinity pool. Swimming on the edge of one of earth’s largest waterfalls was one of the most thrilling, insane, and awesome experiences we’ve ever embarked on during our Oasis Overland trip across Africa, and perhaps all of our travels around the world. Devil’s Pool is a death-defying feat that even the most casual of thrill seekers must add to their bucket list.

You can actually swim and even lean over the edge of Africa’s Victoria Falls. The experience in Devil’s Pool Zambia is every bit as mind-boggling as it looks. You can literally get right up to the edge of what amounts more than a 100-meter waterfall drop. It’s absolutely insane!

Is Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls Safe? Questions about Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls deaths and safety is usually the first thing everyone asks about this crazy adventure.

 In Devil’s Pool itself, there is a rock lip that protrudes upward which keeps you from falling over the edge. Under the low water conditions that you’re permitted to enter Devil’s Pool, you would have to try really hard to actually go up and over that rock that’s naturally keeping you in. This rock lip seemed thick and sturdy to us.

During our journey across Africa, as we neared Victoria Falls, we had so many questions about the unique experience of actually swimming in Devil’s Pool. Although we had viewed some videos showing off this unfathomable adventure, there otherwise wasn’t a lot of information detailing exactly how to visit Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls.

It turns out there is a lot that you should know to prepare for a visit to Devil’s Pool Zambia. So in an effort to give back to the travel community, this blog post attempts to answer all your questions about Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls, so you can better plan your visit to this astonishing place in the world.

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