The footage of two scuba-diving commercials, Hathaway and Andrew Buttle, is on the island off New Zealand, attracting nearly 1 million views, capturing the giant seaworm’s 8m-long ocean.

That’s Pyrosome. They are a collection of thousands of tiny creatures, often called giant seaworms. According to the description, Pyrosome is a large, white-green, even light pink, often living in warm tropical waters.

Although small organisms can be separated from the population, but when they gather into giant living beings, make marine creatures terrified.

It is known that a giant seaworm is responsible for sucking seawater, taking food as plankton, which will push the filtered water to the other end. With a giant body, even large animals or even adults can become Pyrosome’s fat prey.

Advice from experts for visitors to dive in warm waters, if you encounter this sea worm, it is best to stay away if you do not want to lose your life.

According to xaluan