Yunnan has more than 15,300 acres of fresh cut flowers with an output of more than 4.1 billion stems per year. Roses, lilies and carnations make up about 11,800 acres of the total with more than 2 billion stems per year.

Dou Nan Flower Market is located near Chengong, southeast of Kunming. Dou Nan Flower Market is the "heart" of the nation's flowers’ markets as well as one of the biggest flowers’ trade markets all over the Asia. Its flowers planting base occupies the land of 4 square kilometers, and the flowers of more than 50 species and 200 varieties like Perfume Lily, Rose, Forget-me-not, Carnation, Butterfly Orchid, Gerbera and so on of different colors.

The volume of business per day researches 2.5 million RMB. These flowers will not only supply our domestic market, but also are set to international market. Some countries like Japan, North Korea, Singapore and Thailand import fresh flowers from Dou Nan Flower Market by air every day.

In Dou Nan Flower Market, you will have the chance to see all sorts of Chinese flowers and even some flowers which couldn’t' be planted in China before. The different kinds of flowers make the market a fragrant and colorful sea, which will bring you a nice mood.


According to busiunion