First mentioned in a document by scholar and Charlemagne follower Alcuin in 803, St. Peter’s Stiftskeller is believed to be the oldest documented restaurant in Europe. Over the centuries, St. Peter’s was forced to close for Napoleon’s invasion and other similar trifles, so it’s not technically the oldest European restaurant in continuous operation – that honor goes to Sobrino de Botín in Spain, est. in 1725 – though it undisputedly boasts the earliest founding date.

St. Peter’s has eleven distinct dining rooms, the most recent of which dates to the late 1600s. The two oldest dining rooms are carved into the stone cliffs under the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

The restaurant has hosted countless dignitaries over its 1200-year history, including cardinals, kings, and in more modern times, Bill Clinton and Clint Eastwood.

The Stiftskeller presents weekly Mozart dinners with food and musicians wearing period costumes. You’ll often see patrons in trachten, traditional Austrian clothing that includes lederhosen and dirndls.  

According to atlasobscura