Rathborne Candles is the oldest candle manufacturer in the world, founded in 1488 in Dublin. Joseph Rathborne came from Chester to Dublin and later established a candle manufacturing business in Dublin's Winetavern Street and sites surrounding Christ Church Cathedral.

For nearly 150 years Rathbornes produced their candles in this district before locating on the north side of the city near St. Mary's Abbey.

The company manufactures a range of candles, varying from paraffin wax to pure beeswax. They have a scented candle range, but still primarily produce church candles. The Christmas candle in the west of Ireland is a very popular item, which is traditionally placed in the window.

The company is the sponsor of "Atmospheric Restaurant of the Year" award in Ireland. Rathbornes Candles also have a division known as Lalor Church Candles for candle supplies and other ecclesiastical products. 

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