The creation of the first geothermal energy generator was  in 1904. Based at the Lardorello dry stream field, Conti’s generator was able to produce 10 kW of energy and power five light bulbs. The geothermal potential of Lardorello was expanded in 1911.

In an area known as the Devil’s Valley the world’s first geothermal power plant was completed in 1913.

Larderello 1 had a capacity of 250 kW and was able to produce 2750 kW of electricity, which was used to power the Italian railway system and the nearby villages of Larderello and Volterra.

The plant was gradually added to throughout the years and now Larderello is now formed of 34 plants operated by Italian company Enel Green Power (EGP). The capacity of the site is now 800MW, and has helped Italy become the sixth-largest producer of geothermal energy in the world, as it forms nearly 2% of Italy’s energy mix.

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