Kopenhagen Fur, an agribusiness coop, located in Langagervej 60, Glostrup, Copenhagen, Denmark, is the largest fur skin auction company in the world. Its business units include production, classification and trade of mink fur, as well as offering workshop facilities and seminars for designers and researchers. 

Kopenhagen Studio has two locations: the Langelinie studio incorporates the company's workshop and marketing department while its Beijing studio at Tsinghua University trains fur designers. At peak demand, the company is able to pack and sort 150,000 furs in one day.

Most of Europe's fur production was marketed by Finnish Fur Sales of Finland or Copenhagen Fur Center (CFC) of Denmark.

Ninety percent of CFC's pelt skins were mink, while fox and fitch skins are also farmed and sold. International auctions occur five or six times every year. As of 2020, Kopenhagen Fur was reported to be responsible for 40% of global mink fur production.

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