Adient plc is an American Irish-domiciled company that manufactures automotive seating for customers worldwide and is based in Plymouth, Michigan, United States. As of 2017, Adient was the world's largest auto seat manufacturer, accounting for one-third of the markets global revenue and providing components for 25 million vehicles. 

Adient was founded as a spin-off from Johnson Controls in 2016, establishing its legal domicile in Dublin, Ireland. Johnson Controls had entered the automotive seating business in 1985 by acquiring Hoover Universal. 

In September 2017, Adient acquired the Oak Park, Michigan-based automotive seat manufacturer Futuris from Clearlake Capital, which added 15 facilities in Asia and North America, including one facility based in Newark, California, and which was anticipated to increase the company's revenue by $0.5 billion annually. 

As of 2017, Adient employed 86,000 people across 250 manufacturing/assembly plants, in 34 countries. In 2016, Adient announced plans to move its global operating headquarters to the Marquette Building in Detroit, but canceled those plans as of June 2018.

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