Construction work at Hinkley Point in Somerset is now well underway, with thousands of workers building a new EDF power station at the site.

But amongst the people, vehicles and machines at the site, one structure is dominating the Somerset skyline.

The worlds biggest crane, the Sarens SGC-250 (or 'big Carl' as it has affectionately been called) was shipped over to the site from Ghent in Belgium to assist in the construction.

Although it it does not have the traditional look of a crane, Big Carl is a monster of a machine.

The epic piece of machinery had to be transported on more than 250 lorries and can operate at up to 250m high – taller than One Canada Square – the second highest building in the UK.

Big Carl will be able to move, whilst it is "fully rigged" from one place on the site, to another, with the company behind the structure saying it is an industry first.

More than six kilometres of rail has been laid for the crane, so it traverse the sprawling Somerset site.

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