Thomas William Carlyon Angove AM (1918 – 30 March 2010) was an Australian winemaker who is credited with the invention of the wine cask.

The Angove family winemaking history began in 1886 when Dr William Angove emigrated to Australia from Cornwall. He established a medical practice at Tea Tree Gully, and along with other Doctors at the time, including Dr Lindeman and Dr Penfold, began cultivating vines and making wine.

In 1910 Dr Angove was succeeded by his son Thomas Carlyon Angove who made the pioneering move to establish a winery at Renmark in the South Australian Riverland. Since then, Thomas Carlyon Angove has started to make wine.

Boxed wine (cask wine) is wine packaged in a bag-in-box. Wine is contained in a plastic bladder typically with an air-tight valve emerging from a protective corrugated fiberboard box. It serves as an alternative to traditional wine bottling in glass with a cork or synthetic seal.

The process for packaging 'cask wine' (boxed wine) was invented by Thomas Angove, a winemaker from Renmark, South Australia, and patented by his company on April 20, 1965. Polyethylene bladders of 1 gallon (4.5 litres) were placed in corrugated boxes for retail sale.

The original design required that the consumer cut the corner off the bladder, pour out the serving of wine and then reseal it with a special peg and was based on a product already on the market, which was a bag in a box used by mechanics to hold and transport battery acid. 

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