Patties Foods, is an Australian food manufacturing company that produces meat pies, baked goods, frozen fruits, and pre-made desserts. Patties Foods is represented in the Australian market by the Four'n Twenty, Patties, Herbert Adams, Nanna's, Chefs Pride, Boscastle and Snowy River brands.

Patties is the largest Meat pie producing company in Australia, and the world. They are the producers of several well-known Meat pies, including the Patties, Snowy River pie, Herbert Adams pie, and as of 2003, Four'n Twenty pies. Patties Foods is headquartered in Bairnsdale, Victoria. It was founded in 1966.


Its famous brand is Patties's Pie's, with product lines including Pies, pasties, sausage rolls and quiches in three different sizes (standard, party and mini party), there is also a gluten free range of patties pies and a vegan roll.

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