As a 100% grower-owned company at Marquis, Marquis Macadamias has the best interests of the industry at heart. 

Marquis Macadamias has been using its collective ingenuity to develop a world class approach to farm management and processing since 1983. And along the way it has become the world’s largest macadamia grower, processor and marketer. 

It has partnered with some of the world’s largest macadamia processing companies and growers, offering all buyers, small or large, quality, reliability and competitive pricing. 

Marquis Macadamias is focused on providing its growers and customers with the product and services they require. Its highly trained, passionate and experienced staff are always here to help provide advice on growing, handling, storage and usage of macadamias. 

The farmer owned cooperative grows, processes and sells 48 per cent of Australia's macadamia production (about 22,000 tonnes nut-in-shell) and is responsible for 22pc of global kernel sales, while handling more than 16pc of nut in shell world production.

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