Lake Boomanjin is the famous 'tea tree' lake found on Fraser Island, or K'gari, the largest sand island in the world. Lake Boomanjin is easily distinguished from Fraser Island's many other famous lakes, as it has the unique quality of a red hue and is the largest in size!

The lake itself is surrounded by soft white sands and the air smells of tea trees, the same plants that give the lake its name and colour. It is undoubtedly one of the most unique lakes on one of the most unique islands in the world, and worth a visit during your stay on K'gari.

At 200 hectares, Lake Boomanjin is the largest perched lake in the world. 

Despite its colour, it's a favourite swimming destination on the island. As a perched lake it has the benefit of purified water which can be credited to the foundation of organic matter that makes up the base of the lake. While it may appear murky at first glance, the water is actually very clean and great for an afternoon dip!

The small creeks that run into Lake Boomanjin absorb tannins and colour from the surrounding tea trees, which in turn dyes the lake, giving it its red colour. 

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