The inflatable aircraft escape slide & raft was invented by Jack Grant while working for Qantas in 1965. It is now major safety equipment on all passenger airliners in the world.

This slide which allow passengers to easily escape from an aircraft in distress and where the landing is on water, his invention allows passengers to use the slide as a raft.

The raft is for when passengers are stranded in the sea after a false take off or crash.

The standard inflatable life raft can be launched by throwing it overboard and climbing in or by lowering it into the water. On airlines passengers tug on the “painter” – the cord that releases compressed gas from a canister into the raft – the dinghy will inflate in a matter of seconds.

The emergency inflatable slide is activated when the emergency door opens. The tank that is attached to the slide is made up of carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. This mix with compressed air can inflate the whole slide in 6 seconds!

Jack Grant invented the inflatable slide & raft because he thought it would make airlines much safer with the ability to carry hundreds of passengers to safety and keep passengers feeling safe on airlines.

So whether it is on land or at sea the new safety equipment can do it all. This invention changed Australian history and how we look at how safe airlines really today. 

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