Coopers Brewery Limited, the largest Australian-owned brewery, is based in the Adelaide suburb of Regency Park. Coopers is known for making a variety of beers, the most famous of which are its Pale Ale and Sparkling Ale. The brewery sold 69.7 million litres of beer in the 2013 financial year.

It is also the world’s largest producer of homebrewing equipment. Its shares are primarily owned by the extended Cooper family, and the company’s constitution and classes of shares makes it difficult to sell shares outside the family.

Coopers beers are widely available on tap in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, and in some bars in the rest of Australia as speciality beers. They are widely available in bottles and (to a lesser extent) cans around Australia and New Zealand, and occasionally at specialist importers in other countries.

The distribution of the beers outside of South Australia has been largely promoted since 2003 by the subsidiary Premium Beverages Pty Ltd.

Coopers bottled beers are characterised by their secondary fermentation technique – some yeast remains in the bottle after bottling – thus the bottled beer contains some sediment. There are three schools of thought with regard to the sediment – some drinkers like to mix the sediment throughout the beer by tipping or rolling the beer before drinking, while others prefer to decant the beer into a glass leaving (most of) the sediment at the base of the bottle.  Coopers have made such choice a strong element in their marketing strategy.

Some find that mixing the sediment results in a shaken beer and prefer not to mix the sediment at all, simply opening the bottle and drinking. The action of drinking from the bottle serves to distribute the sediment anyway without shaking one’s beer up.

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