A spectacular fireworks display from the Sky Tower has launched Auckland into a new decade.

New Zealand's largest fireworks display was accompanied by lasers and animations, a first for the Sky Tower.

Light shows from the Harbour Bridge and Light Path cycleway were also synchronised with the 2020 celebrations, washing the Auckland skyline in an array of colours.

Auckland is the first major city in the world to celebrate each New Year, thanks to time zones.

Its fireworks for 2020 were watched live around the globe, with parts of the display broadcast on the BBC in the UK and other networks worldwide. 

The five-minute fireworks display saw 500kg of pyrotechnics and 3500 effects, with a new firing site at level 64, 235 metres above ground.

Some 1.6 tonnes of equipment and 14kms of control cabling were installed ahead of the show. 

According to stuff.co.nz