Australian Age of Dinosaurs Ltd (AAOD) is a not for profit organisation located in Winton, Queensland and founded by David Elliott and Judy Elliott in 2002. 

The organisation's activities include operation of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History (the Museum) which holds annual dinosaur digs in the Winton Formation of western Queensland and oversees the year-round operation of Australia's most productive dinosaur fossil preparation laboratory. 

Since 2005, the AAOD Museum has accumulated the largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils in the world and holds the holotype specimens of Diamantinasaurus matildae ("Matilda"), Savannasaurus elliottorum ("Wade"), Australovenator wintonensis ("Banjo"), Australia's most complete theropod skeleton and Ferrodraco lentoni, the first pterosaur to be named from the Winton Formation. 


The museum is open to the public daily from April to end September and open six days (closed Sundays) from October to end March. The site of the Museum was designated a Dark-sky preserve, the first International Dark-Sky Sanctuary in Australia, in 2019.


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