Waveflyer is like any water motor you have ever seen, only it can fly over water. From a distance, Waveflyer looks like a ski shoe because there is a "sliding blade" on the water when operating and lifting the motorcycle.

Manufacturers that use propulsion systems like hydrofoils, water motors can lift for more than 30 minutes. The power supply to the motor from a li-ion battery has a capacity of 2 kwh and can carry two people.

Thanks the new technology , the Waveflyer, is considered superior to the traditional water motor, because the engine is quieter and more energy-efficient , especially not generating emissions like gasoline-powered water motors.

“The Waveflyer water motor for the operator feels like flying in the air instead of surfing on the water. I see the great potential of commercialization of this environmentally friendly motorcycle, ”said Thomas Brauni , professor of Waveflyer manufacturing project.

Technology director and co-founder of Electro.Aero, Joshua Portlock said the technology will also enhance safety, experience and efficiency for individual water transport vehicles.

According to xaluan