The museum, dubbed as the “Mori Building Digital Art Museum teamLab Borderless”, is located in bayside Odaiba area of Tokyo. It will showcase more than 50 pieces of digital art works in the 10,000-square-meter space.

Themed on “Borderless”, the exhibits are designed to flow into one another naturally and some even can interact with viewers.

Take a piece of work named “Space and Life” for example, visitors are invited to bounce on a trampoline in the midst of an intergalactic projection and then the hung-up projector will be immediately activated to recognize their gestures and calculations will be made.

Based on that, different images will be projected under their feet in reaction to their movements. “All the works include interactive designs. We hope that such interaction could arouse people’s interest in art and inspire them to do more exploration so as to cultivate their creative thinking.”

Another piece of works represented a colorful undersea world dotted with lovely fish. Actually, all the fish came from the viewer’ designs. They simply need to have their sketches scanned and minutes later, the fish created under their pen would come alive in the aquarium. 

According to CCTV