The Tanggula (Dangla) railway station is a railway station located in Amdo County, Tibet Autonomous Region, China, near the border with the Tanggula Town, Qinghai. The railway station has three tracks, one of them served by a platform, and another one served by a very short stub platform.

This unstaffed station on the Qingzang railway opened for service on July 1, 2006. The station is located 5,068 metres (16,627 ft) above sea level, surpassing Ticlio (Peru), at 4,829 metres (15,843 ft), Cóndor station, at 4,786 metres (15,702 ft), on the Rio Mulatos-Potosí line in Bolivia, and La Galera station at 4,781 metres (15,686 ft) in Peru, and makes it the highest railway station in the world. 

The station is 1.25 kilometres (4,100 ft) long and covers 77,002 square metres (19.028 acres). There are 3 rail tracks in the station. The location of the station was specially chosen for the view from the platform.

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