On the jubilant occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year 2020, Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam Ltd. has organized a record-setting event for “The longest New Year banquet table”. This is not only a meaningful activity to bring people closer together, but also a chance to let everyone celebrate a remarkable Tet holiday. As a result, Coca-Cola has successfully delivered these significant messages throughout the event.

The New Year event was colorfully decorated, all covered in red and white
– Coca-Cola’s two main colors. Photo: Duy Khang.


The banquet table was arranged in the shape of two huge bottles of Coca-Cola that
stretched to reach the length of 810 meters, serving for more than 1,800 guests. – Photo: Coca-Cola.


The event honourably welcomed the presence of Record Association Leadership, including Doctor of Law, Director of Vietnam Intellectual Property Institute, Vice Chairman of Central of Vietnam Record Association Mr. Nguyen Van Vien; Chairman of Vietnam Marketing Association, Member of Vietnam Record Setting Council Mr. Tran Hoang; Deputy Secretary-General of Vietnam Record Association, Head of Content of Vietnam Record Association Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Ngoc; Head of International Relations of Vietnam Record Association Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuong Van.

Mr. Nguyen Van Vien (Left) – Mr. Tran Hoang (Right). Photo: Vietkings


Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuong Van (Left) – Ms Nguyen Thi Quynh Ngoc (Right). Photo: Vietkings

Meanwhile, the presence of Coca-Cola’s board of directors included Mr. Peeyush Sharma – vice president of Coca-Cola Vietnam; Mr. Tran Ngoc Hoa – President of Coca-Cola Vietnam supply chain; Mr. Rajesh Jayaram – Coca-Cola Vietnam’s Chief Financial Officer; Ms. Le Tu Cam Ly – Coca-Cola’s PR Officer, Communications Director, and Sustainable Development Officer in Indochina.

Coca-Cola board of directors attended the event. Photo: Vietkings


Vietkings’s Board of Record carefully supervised and measured the size of the banquet table after arrangement, officially
making a record for each banquet table that reached the standard size: 180cmx5cm. The total number of
the banquet tables was 450, all were arranged to stretch the length of 810 meters as registered. Photo: Vietkings


The crowd was overexcited as the official record of the banquet table was announced,
proposing a toast to each other in the honor of Coca-Cola’s new record achievement. Photo: Vietkings  



More than 1,800 guests attending the event were groups of friends, families, 
Vinhomes Central Park residents, celebrities and Coca-Cola’s supporters.


At the event, Coca-Cola’s registered documents was directly come under scrutiny before making a record. After an overall assessment, Vietnam Records Association (VietKings) has officially set record for “The longest New Year banquet table in Vietnam” to Coca-Cola.

PhD. Nguyen Van Vien and Mr. Tran Hoang – The two representatives of Vietnam Records Association (Vietkings)
awarded the record
“The longest New Year banquet table in Vietnam” to Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam company.


At the same time, another record was also set for Coca-Cola as
“The longest New Year banquet table in Asia” by Vietnam Records Association. Photo: Duy Khang.


A dramatic view of the New Year banquet table in the form
of two colossal bottles of Coca-Cola was captured by drone. Photo: Coca-Cola.


The message of building a strong connection and sharing with one another is what Coca-Cola wanted to deliver throughout the event. Coca-Cola has brought out a meaningful activity with a view to creating remarkable memories among families and friends, thus increasing the value of Vietnamese traditional Tet holiday. In addition, Coca-Cola also strengthened the message by encouraging everyone to spread their love into community.

According to kyluc.vn