Rustar Floating Restaurant is a luxury dinner cruise operator in Dubai. The “RUSTAR” dhow is the world’s largest wooden floating restaurant according to the World Records Academy. 

The dhow is 155ft long and able to accommodate up to 400 persons at a time, across its 3 level seating arrangement.

It has a cozy lower deck for private gatherings, a spacious dining hall on the middle deck and an open-air arrangement on the upper deck.

Aboard the dhow, diners can expect a traditional welcome with hot or cold towels and Arabic coffee with dates. The dinner buffet encompasses dishes from continental, Arabic and Asian cuisines across the starters, main course, and desserts. 

Sit back and relax with a glass of wine or something stronger from Rustar’s bar. To further enhance the experience and romantic atmosphere diners are invited to witness and participate in live entertainment program aboard.

Listen to the fabulous live singer performing various melodic tunes, watch and dance with the whirling Tanoura performers, experience the traditional Emirati dance Al Yawla, and share it all with your friends and family via complimentary wifi connection. 


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