Rampura Agucha is a zinc and lead mine located on a massive sulfide deposit in the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan, India. Rampura Agucha is located 220 km from Jaipur. It is north of Bhilwara, and northwest of Shahpura.

Rampura Agucha is 10 km southeast of Gulabpura on NH 79. The mine is owned by Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL), and has the world's largest deposits of zinc and lead.

Extracted deposits through drilling, blasting, and underground mining methods are loaded and taken to be processed while leftover; debris, rock, and other waste, are brought to specific areas for removal. 

The first step to processing is feeding the deposits through a ball mill to broken into smaller material. 

Further breakdown of the material is then completed through the use of a semi-autogenous grinding mill an additional three times before specifically targeting the extraction of the ore from the parent material. 

The processed material is separated to retrieve the lead and zinc concentrates through flotation methods. The different densities of the material allow for the retrieval of the two different metals separately. 

The lead and zinc concentrates are transported to the Chanderiya smelter complex to further refine the metals collected. 

The Rampura Agucha mine has an ore production capacity of 6.15 metric tonnes per annum and in 2017 it was reported that the mine produced 528,459 metric tonnes of lead and zinc. 

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